Thoughts on Design

I truly believe that good design can be inspiring, and somewhat transformational. One of the great pleasures I take away from my work is knowing that children are often growing up in family homes that I’ve designed. My hope is that I’ve always provided them with well-ordered and creative spaces where they can learn and grow, and hopefully be inspired to lead the best life possible.

Through the years I’ve come to realize that I’m a classicist at heart – but that in no way means that I’m a by-the-book traditional guy, or that my rooms are ever stuffy or museum-like; quite the opposite, in fact. No matter what sort of space I’m designing, and no matter whether it’s considered traditional or modern, I always try to help my clients create a look based on the principles of good classic design – livable scale and proportions, the sensitive use of both natural and artificial light, as well as symmetry and balance (although throwing off the symmetry once in a while can be fantastic).

I pride myself on not having a “signature style”; I always look forward to getting to know my clients and then interpreting their individual and unique visions of how THEY want to live in their homes. My personal favorite design look is a mix of old and new with fresh, updated fabrics and colors; clean and tailored rooms, often with some graphic elements layered into an overall calm and soothing environment. However, I love working in various decorative styles from pure English or French traditional to American craftsman, from mid-century modern to straight-edged global contemporary. I really enjoy working with pieces that my clients already have – re-purposing them, moving them around, perhaps even painting an old wood piece if it’s not a good antique. I see no reason to throw everything out and start over when embarking on a new design project, there’s always something worth keeping, I feel.

Every design job DOES NOT have to be a high-budget job; in fact, I enjoy the challenge of finding just the right piece or just the right fabric to make a room really soar without breaking the budget. In the end, I make certain that I help my clients bring their design dreams to reality in a way that remains fresh, with rooms that will last and endure well into the 21st century.

I firmly believe that the design process should ALWAYS be enjoyable! I try to make every job as stress-free as possible for my clients; I like for them to have as much fun as I invariably do in the course of a design project. The world is full of too many potential headaches already…..home design should NOT be one of them!

 Call me – let’s create something beautiful together.


“Chris is not only a talented designer, but a wonderful collaborator. His calm demeanor and terrific personality make the entire process enjoyable….”

K.H. , St. Louis